Have Kamayan at Namit Cafe

I just stumbled upon Namit Cafe at 2114 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL. They do kamayan, cakes, karaoke, and more.

“Kamayan” is Filipino for eating with your hands. If done as an intimate communal feast spread on banana leaves, it is called a “boodle fight”. Food tastes better when eaten with your fingers, but don’t lick your fingers! Use the fingers of one hand for the food but don’t let those fingers touch your mouth.

Bonus: Fewer dishes to do!


3 responses to “Have Kamayan at Namit Cafe”

  1. Roland F. Calupe Avatar
    Roland F. Calupe

    George that spread looks great!

  2. George Hernandez Avatar
    George Hernandez

    Yeah, it’s making me hungry …. and I just ate lunch!

  3. This is my other place to hang around aside from Rizal Center: good service good food good people with Filipino hospitality

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