Announcing Martial Arts at Rizal Center

Announcing our newest program: Martial Arts at Rizal Center. On-site hands-on classes about martial arts in general with an emphasis on Filipino Martial Arts.

How many Bolos do you see at the base of the Andrés Bonifacio Monument in Caloocan, Philippines? The absence of a handguard indicates that these familiar and readily available civilian agricultural tools were conscripted for defense.

The scheme is simple

  • Health & Safety First. Unsafe training is ineffective training. Scale activities to your level.
  • Relax & Play. You are consenting to do something meaningful & enjoyable.
  • Modular Learning. Small and simple foundational pieces. Start with like vs like.
  • Grow Over Time. Add more pieces, varieties, repetitions, combinations, tests, etc. Share & pass on!

Key Info

The following info is as of the date this announcement was posted. The particulars may change. For the most up to date info see Martial Arts (LINK TO PAGE).

  • Starting
  • Schedule
    • Sunday 1-3 PM
    • Monday 6-8 PM
    • More classes pending
  • Location
    • Rizal Center
      1332 W. Irving Park Road
      Chicago, IL 60613
  • Wear/Bring
    • Shorts and/or leggings
    • T-Shirt and/or long-sleeve rash guard
    • Barefeet or minimalist shoes
    • Water bottle
    • Handkerchief or little towel
    • 2 Bastons if you have them. Go on the light side so you don’t damage your partner’s bastons. E.g. 28″x 1″ rattan sticks.
    • Fencing mask if you have one
  • Tuition
    • Proceeds go to Rizal Center
    • First Four Classes: Free
    • 1 Class Drop-In: $20
    • 10 Class Punch Card: $160
    • Unlimited Classes for 1 Month: $60
    • Unlimited Classes for 1 Year: $600
    • Households: 50% off per participant with discount code: sambahayan
    • Workshops & Competitions: Not included
    • If you can pay forward with extra donations, thank you, it is much appreciated! It keeps costs down for others and builds up the pool of communal gear.
  • Required for each participant
  • Instructor
    • George Hernandez
  • For more information

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