Paskuhan (Christmas) sa Rizal Center

Come celebrate the holidays at Rizal Center on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

There will be a contest for Pancit (noodles) and a contest for Parol (lanterns), both with cash prizes!


2 responses to “Paskuhan (Christmas) sa Rizal Center”

  1. Oscar A Mariano Avatar
    Oscar A Mariano

    Want to donate the following
    (1) 6 solid for table tables
    (2) 20 green Chairs and 20 whites
    (3) 6 warmers for the Chef
    (4) Big and Small Folders and hanging folders for students and I’ll try to get food for you guys from Kawayan

    1. Jerry Clarito Avatar
      Jerry Clarito

      Hi Oscar,
      Thanks for your generous donation.
      Please call 773-360-8597 to coordinate the delivery of your donation.
      We are looking forward to meeting you.
      Volunteer Team

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